Thursday, October 06, 2005

First Post

Sorry for the previous tests post, had to make sure everything was in order so I can finally publish out my blog to the world.

First off, I'M TIRED!!!! Aside from work, weekend voluteering, doing overtime, and still trying to manage my free time, by keeping the house in order, my woman happy, writing, reading, posting, editing, updating. I have no time to myself but the time I use to sleep. And I would be nothing without my 5-6 hours of sleep a day.

6 stories!!! That's how many stories I'm working on at once. There's Dokugumo-Ureeru Tsurugi, Amnesia, Entrapment, The Game, and two other stories I'm not mentioning the names just yet. One's another DOA fanfic and another is an Original Fiction.

But enough about the stories. I do manage to find time to play my video games. Anyone that knows me can tell you I love my games. Primarily, Ninja Gaiden (and Ninja Gaiden: Black) and the DOA series. So right now, I'm playing Ninja Gaiden: Black. Actually, I should say TRYING to play Ninja Gaiden: Black.

Here's what I did. I'm playing the game on "VERY HARD" just so I can unlock Master Ninja mode. Right now I'm on Chapter 9, I did all the farming for essence so I can max out everything. 6 Spirit Elixirs, 3 Great Spirit Elixirs, 3 Devil Elixirs, 3 Great Devil Elixirs and 2 Talisman Rebirth (That's the max, trust me, I checked). Now by the way, I always hated Chapter 9, and I know once I beat this level, I know I'll be cool until I reach Chapter 11 (Doku fight, UGH!!!). Anyways, Itagaki should've warned me that he made those damn military people even stronger, I don't want to use any Talisman Rebirths, until I reach the tanks, but somehow, I always end up automatically losing one which causes me to start the whole level over.

Don't worry I'm not giving up, I just wish the game wasn't so hard. But I must admit, after playing the "Very Hard" difficulty, the "Hard" difficulty seems like a piece of cake, and "Normal" feels like "Ninja Dog".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't worry nothing can be that bad in life. I would suggest you do get more rest so that you can conitnue to keep those good stories coming. Can't wait to see whats coming out next.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yea... I'm also playing Ninja Gaiden (Black) but its kinda hard for me. I'm new to this game I didnt really play the first one, but my homeboy suggest I get it... probably because he wanted to borrow it, anyway... what would you say would be the easy way to beat chapter 5?

~your #1 Fan!

4:57 PM  

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