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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Videos, Stories, Domains, Oh My

Lot of stuff been going on since I last updated the Blog. I've keeping myself busy with all of these new experiences I've been learning to keep my mind focused on more positive things rather than just contemplating on the negative. So I've taken up more hobbies.

First off, I've been doing a lot of writing. So now I have even more chapters to the stories waiting to be posted.

Next, since I learned how to do record from my TV to computer, I've been making a few videos.

So that's where my time has been spent at. At work, I write. At home, I record and edit videos. Also, I spent about $10 to register www.DatBoyScrooge.com. It's active so check it out when you have the chance.

The goal has been met and 100 people have beaten Master Ninja mode on Ninja Gaiden: Black. Now when I play other difficulties the game just seem easy. Especially when I get my Unlabored Flawlessness in my hands....hehehehe.

Next thing on the list...is making more videos. I'm getting a lot of good and positive responses on them. So I'm thinking of making one more Ninja Gaiden FMV and one more Def Jam: FFNY FMV, but before I even work on those, I'm contemplating about making one for Phantom Dust.......yeah, that just may be the next one I'll work on. Maybe one for Chronicles of Riddick as well. I'm just getting tired of seeing all of these FMVs for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Don't get me wrong, I may not own the games, but I don't doubt its entertainment level....but geesh, there are more games you can spend time on than those two.

Oh well, other than that, that's what's been going on in my life....well the part I don't mind mentioning. I've had someone ask me what negative has been going on in my life...well it is a bit personal to display at this time, but I struggle each day to keep a smile on my face. Plus I have a special person in my life that is helping me keep that smile as well.

For now, come back soon, I may have more updates. Lastly, RIP to Eddie Guerrero. One of the MOST entertaining wrestlers of all time has passed away this past Sunday at an untimely death. His heart failed on him due to his past life. And as one person said, "Eddie will continue to watch Smackdown! and he will be watching it from the best seat in the house." (not verbatim).

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Master Ninja - Part 3 (Completed)

That's right, I completed Master Ninja Mode on Ninja Gaiden: Black. Check the online stats, I should be #44 or 77 (the last time I checked). And I can say that it's a PAIN. If you need any tips, farm as much as possible and get the Unlabored Flawlessness as SOON as you as you can. Especially considering the fact that you don't get the Diablahro until Chapter 12 (or earlier if you get the Warhammer to break down the wall to get to the Diablahro). But after using the Unlabored Flawlessness on soo many chapters, I didn't even use the Diablahro except to break down walls and be cheap against those damn orges.

I didn't do all of the fiend challenges. I couldn't find a way to be the 120 berserker challenge and there was another fiend challenge full of those big black fiends. I took out a good number before I ultimately died. I probably could've beaten it, but I was so close to beating the game that I just went ahead and bypassed it and went on and conquered Chapter 16.

It took me 18 hours, 11 minutes, and 22 seconds, and for the first time ever I got the "Master Ninja" overall ranking. ::SIGHS:: it feels real good seeing my name on that list. Now that I unlocked everything, I may just focus on improving my Mission Mode score and play the storyline one or two times. Who knows? I may even give Master Ninja Mode another shot.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Master Ninja Part 2


I haven't been playing much this week with work and everything but I am currently on Chapter 12. Doku is a pain, but I overcame him. If I didn't farm like I did, I probably wouldn't have had a chance against him. Right now I'm at the very beginning of Chapter 12. There's a lot I have to do from here. The two fiend challenges, do some farming, max out on items and whatever else needs to be done before I even think about going into The Caverns. One thing I'm happy about is that I only have 5 Chapters left to go.

Also I been in a better mood lately. My job was giving away a bunch of broken PDAs. Out of a good 100 of those broken PDAs, my team was able to fix 7 or 8 of them, now we have free PDAs XD . I have 2 of them. They're pretty old models but hey it's free. One of them is a HP IPAQ 3835 it's an older model I'm giving to my mom, she'll like it. I, myself, have a lovely HP IPAQ 1900. Great condition and come with Bluetooth. I had to buy a charger and a 1 Gig Storage card for it and lately I mainly been using it as a MP3 players storing all of my CDs on it, the stereo sound on this little device sounds great. I've been learning more and more on how to use it each day and if anyone has any advice, particularly on using Bluetooth, please teach me....hehehe

Also I got a DVD Recorder so I'm going to posting videos soon, so definetly keep a look out for that as well.

Now for the BIG NEWS!!! I'm getting married. Yep, so hands off ladies, I'm taken...lol :P I just proposed to my girl on Thursday and we've been making some wedding plans. We have a beautiful spot for a honeymoon. The actual wedding may not happen until a year from now, but since I proposed she's been so excited that she's making plans already. That puts a smile on my face to see how happy she is.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Master Ninja - Part 1

As of today, I am proud of myself. The next day after my last post, I beat Very Hard. A few days ago, I beat Eternal Legend of Ninja Gaiden: Black, now I sit here proud today to tell you that I am on Chapter 7 of Master Ninja Mode. Just like I did in the Very Hard mode, I'm doing a lot of farming, but I will continue to update as much as possible giving everyone the low-down on my upcoming success.

I do plan on finishing up my farming and going on to fight Alma and hopefully be on Chapter 8 by tomorrow evening. Why so long? Because I have very little time during the day to game. Especially with work taking up most of the time. But rest assured I do plan on exceeding this game very soon.


Monday, October 17, 2005

NG Very Hard....OMG!!!!

There is no way that anyone can tell me that a normal human being can survive what I put Ryu Hayabusa through on the "VERY HARD" diffculty of Ninja Gaiden.

Right now I'm on Chapter 15!!! I'm just about to go through those doors and run up the "never-ending" flight of stairs where you fight the "statue turned fiend" and the Vigoor Emperor. But the story comes just before that.

It's already bad enough that I had to go through 4 floors of hectic challenges from advanced fiends, the big black fiends, those huge triceritops mofos, and Berserkers!!!, but then the REAL hard part came when I was about to take on the Demon Dude at the end.

I was expecting to fight the tentacle fiend and that Ice Monster from Chapter 12. THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH VERY HARD. Instead, Itagaki and Ninja Gaiden decides to say, "We really ARE going to make this VERY HARD for you." and they put me up against an Alma look-a-like, in place of the tentacle fiend, and the whip lady from the HP, in place of the Ice Monster.

Now the Alma look-a-like, fights just like Alma except she's stronger and quicker. I was used to fighting Alma and I learned a little weakness that was still effective on the look-a-like, so I was able to take her out quick. My main problem was when I fought the Whip Lady. Now this mofo is quick and ruthless, this bitch took almost ALL of my stocked up items, I barely had enough to fight the Demon dude. After I was done and offered the final statue, I noticed that those three fights too both of my Talismans and ALL of my spirit and devil elixirs. I left the palace and stoked back up on items and when I turned the game off my adrenaline was still pumping before I went to bed.

But I do know as long as there are no new surprises, beating the rest of the game should be easy.

Honestly, I'm almost scared to take on "Master Ninja" mode, but I will give it a shot and see how many times it takes me to die before I actually beat it.

So far I have played "Very Hard" for 20 hours and 19 minutes. Mainly due because I did a LOT of farming to keep myself stocked up on items. And I intend to do the same with "Master Ninja" mode.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A New Story??? Already???

Entrapment, Dokugumo-Ureeru Tsurugi, Amneisa, The Game, some original fictions, you would think that I already have enough on my plate to last me awhile. Well, guess what...The people at FanFiction.net are really gonna hate me. I warned everyone that I have a lot of material that was ready to be posted, and I'm ready to start posting them.

I have a few mini-stories from a trashed DOA fan-fic. Those that read my stories know what I'm talking about. Before Dokugumo-Ureeru Tsurugi came into play, I was writing a fan-fic that was getting me no where fast. I basically wrote the WHOLE 15 chapter story, until I looked back and realized that it sucked. Yes, it was horrible. So I warned them that soon I would have some mini-stories. They are already written and ready for posting, but I just didn't know when.

I was already posting every Sunday, then when Entrapment came into play, I, now, find myself starting to post every Sunday
AND Thursday.

I'm not posting the entire horrible fan fiction. I'm only posting the good stuff. The chapters where the fights are happening. This Thursday, be sure to check out my site and FanFiction.net, cause I will be introducing a new short 2-chapter story titled "Fall of DOATEC: A Mini-Story from a Trashed Fiction Part 1 (Lisa vs Rachael)"

Remember, keep checking the site, the forum, the blogger, and everything. I'm always releasing new stuff.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The NG Challenge

Okay, I'm doing this over at the XBox.com forum boards and I'm gonna do the same thing here. THE NINJA GAIDEN CHALLENGE.

Here are the rules:
Weapons Allowed To Use:
Wooden Sword (Cannot upgrade to Unlabored Flawness)

Windmill Shuriken
Bow/Strongbow (arrow of any type), ONLY USE WHEN NECESSARY

Use at your own will.

Boss Fights:
Use ANY weapon of your choice, trying to defeat Alma with a Wooden Sword is just absurb.

Think you're up for the challenge? So far I've made it to Chapter 5. I don't get to play it as often as I want to, but I'll keep you posted.


And in reply to my comment:
"what would you say would be the easy way to beat chapter 5?"

where are you stuck at? I know that's the part right before you take on the tentacle fiend and those red dinos, but let me know where you are having your troubles.

AND THANKS SO MUCH FOR BEING MY #1 FAN. It really is great to see my work being appreciated.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

First Post

Sorry for the previous tests post, had to make sure everything was in order so I can finally publish out my blog to the world.

First off, I'M TIRED!!!! Aside from work, weekend voluteering, doing overtime, and still trying to manage my free time, by keeping the house in order, my woman happy, writing, reading, posting, editing, updating. I have no time to myself but the time I use to sleep. And I would be nothing without my 5-6 hours of sleep a day.

6 stories!!! That's how many stories I'm working on at once. There's Dokugumo-Ureeru Tsurugi, Amnesia, Entrapment, The Game, and two other stories I'm not mentioning the names just yet. One's another DOA fanfic and another is an Original Fiction.

But enough about the stories. I do manage to find time to play my video games. Anyone that knows me can tell you I love my games. Primarily, Ninja Gaiden (and Ninja Gaiden: Black) and the DOA series. So right now, I'm playing Ninja Gaiden: Black. Actually, I should say TRYING to play Ninja Gaiden: Black.

Here's what I did. I'm playing the game on "VERY HARD" just so I can unlock Master Ninja mode. Right now I'm on Chapter 9, I did all the farming for essence so I can max out everything. 6 Spirit Elixirs, 3 Great Spirit Elixirs, 3 Devil Elixirs, 3 Great Devil Elixirs and 2 Talisman Rebirth (That's the max, trust me, I checked). Now by the way, I always hated Chapter 9, and I know once I beat this level, I know I'll be cool until I reach Chapter 11 (Doku fight, UGH!!!). Anyways, Itagaki should've warned me that he made those damn military people even stronger, I don't want to use any Talisman Rebirths, until I reach the tanks, but somehow, I always end up automatically losing one which causes me to start the whole level over.

Don't worry I'm not giving up, I just wish the game wasn't so hard. But I must admit, after playing the "Very Hard" difficulty, the "Hard" difficulty seems like a piece of cake, and "Normal" feels like "Ninja Dog".

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Just Another Test