Monday, October 17, 2005

NG Very Hard....OMG!!!!

There is no way that anyone can tell me that a normal human being can survive what I put Ryu Hayabusa through on the "VERY HARD" diffculty of Ninja Gaiden.

Right now I'm on Chapter 15!!! I'm just about to go through those doors and run up the "never-ending" flight of stairs where you fight the "statue turned fiend" and the Vigoor Emperor. But the story comes just before that.

It's already bad enough that I had to go through 4 floors of hectic challenges from advanced fiends, the big black fiends, those huge triceritops mofos, and Berserkers!!!, but then the REAL hard part came when I was about to take on the Demon Dude at the end.

I was expecting to fight the tentacle fiend and that Ice Monster from Chapter 12. THAT IS NOT THE CASE WITH VERY HARD. Instead, Itagaki and Ninja Gaiden decides to say, "We really ARE going to make this VERY HARD for you." and they put me up against an Alma look-a-like, in place of the tentacle fiend, and the whip lady from the HP, in place of the Ice Monster.

Now the Alma look-a-like, fights just like Alma except she's stronger and quicker. I was used to fighting Alma and I learned a little weakness that was still effective on the look-a-like, so I was able to take her out quick. My main problem was when I fought the Whip Lady. Now this mofo is quick and ruthless, this bitch took almost ALL of my stocked up items, I barely had enough to fight the Demon dude. After I was done and offered the final statue, I noticed that those three fights too both of my Talismans and ALL of my spirit and devil elixirs. I left the palace and stoked back up on items and when I turned the game off my adrenaline was still pumping before I went to bed.

But I do know as long as there are no new surprises, beating the rest of the game should be easy.

Honestly, I'm almost scared to take on "Master Ninja" mode, but I will give it a shot and see how many times it takes me to die before I actually beat it.

So far I have played "Very Hard" for 20 hours and 19 minutes. Mainly due because I did a LOT of farming to keep myself stocked up on items. And I intend to do the same with "Master Ninja" mode.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I died ten times before I got to the first save point on Master Ninja.

Good luck.

11:36 PM  

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