Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Videos, Stories, Domains, Oh My

Lot of stuff been going on since I last updated the Blog. I've keeping myself busy with all of these new experiences I've been learning to keep my mind focused on more positive things rather than just contemplating on the negative. So I've taken up more hobbies.

First off, I've been doing a lot of writing. So now I have even more chapters to the stories waiting to be posted.

Next, since I learned how to do record from my TV to computer, I've been making a few videos.

So that's where my time has been spent at. At work, I write. At home, I record and edit videos. Also, I spent about $10 to register It's active so check it out when you have the chance.

The goal has been met and 100 people have beaten Master Ninja mode on Ninja Gaiden: Black. Now when I play other difficulties the game just seem easy. Especially when I get my Unlabored Flawlessness in my hands....hehehehe.

Next thing on the making more videos. I'm getting a lot of good and positive responses on them. So I'm thinking of making one more Ninja Gaiden FMV and one more Def Jam: FFNY FMV, but before I even work on those, I'm contemplating about making one for Phantom Dust.......yeah, that just may be the next one I'll work on. Maybe one for Chronicles of Riddick as well. I'm just getting tired of seeing all of these FMVs for Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Don't get me wrong, I may not own the games, but I don't doubt its entertainment level....but geesh, there are more games you can spend time on than those two.

Oh well, other than that, that's what's been going on in my life....well the part I don't mind mentioning. I've had someone ask me what negative has been going on in my life...well it is a bit personal to display at this time, but I struggle each day to keep a smile on my face. Plus I have a special person in my life that is helping me keep that smile as well.

For now, come back soon, I may have more updates. Lastly, RIP to Eddie Guerrero. One of the MOST entertaining wrestlers of all time has passed away this past Sunday at an untimely death. His heart failed on him due to his past life. And as one person said, "Eddie will continue to watch Smackdown! and he will be watching it from the best seat in the house." (not verbatim).


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